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I believe that an integral part of traveling and exploring new places is exploring new food. I have no doubt stepped out of my comfort zone as far as eating new food during the time I’ve spent in London, and thanks to Shannon, I have done the same in regard to COOKING food as well!!

Despite London’s ‘apparent’ reputation for insufficiently satisfying the taste buds of its visitors, as I spend time here in 2011 I find that the diversity of its population is most certainly reflected in the variety of kinds of food it has to offer, and thereby has sufficiently satisfied my taste buds and my stomach!! I fortunately happened to love sushi and Mediterranean food before I arrived here, both of which are found on every corner of this great city.


As far as my London ‘new foods exploration’ goes, I have now had my first community curry experience, and I now love curry in addition to other types of Indian food. A couple of weeks ago I went to get curry with Cathers and Shannon and a group of their friends, all of whom are connected to MH in some way. This is something I have come to love about working for MH; it has brought, and continues to bring such a wide array of people together into meaningful relationships. I love it because every person involved comes from a completely different walk of life and brings something unique and wonderful to the table. It has been so fun beginning to form my own relationships with the people in this MH world that it still new to me, and I have already learned from the way that they invest in each other’s lives.

In addition to curry and Indian food, I have also tried the infamous British ‘black pudding’.  I actually found it to be rather tasty but supposedly many don’t share in my taste for it. Out of respect for the small chance that you’re queasy while reading this blog I’m not going to share with you the contents that comprise ‘black pudding’. This should imply that it was brave of me to try it at all:)In contrast to my brave consumption of ‘black pudding’, I have returned to the comforts of Mexican food a total of 3 times in 3 weeks. First when I shared the experience of eating the delicious King Ranch Chicken Shannon made for the couple she is staying with for the time being, again when I made breakfast tacos (the only thing I can cook), and another when I had a delicious chicken burrito on a Sunday night following my first visit to Grace Church in my neighborhood of Shoreditch.

As I mentioned previously, in addition to all of this eating I have ventured out a little into the – for me – uncharted world of cooking. I know for those of you reading this who know my mother – an unofficial gourmet chef and baker – this comes as a surprise, but my cooking abilities are pretty much limited to scrambled eggs, sandwiches, and heating up lean cuisines. Shannon, however, has set out to expand this list of things of which I’m able to cook. Last week, she taught me how to make a quinoa salad, meat loaf, and a delicious lemon cake. I burned two pans in the process and came dangerously close to ruining the quinoa salad altogether, but in the end the pans were washed and the quinoa salad was a hit at a dinner table full of friends.

So here are the ‘food features’ of my past few weeks in Londontown. Hopefully after reading this you are hungry rather than having lost your appetite. Bon appétit, my friends!

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