Happy Birthday Sweet Notions!!

There is certainly a buzz in the air this Friday morning as we are all preparing for the Sweet Notions event tonight at Drink Shop & Do. We have fabulous designs by Jill Reno, Kendra Scott and Chris Duffy as raffle prizes in addition to a delicious ‘pudding’ – also known as dessert for those living across the pond – to celebrate the 1st birthday of Sweet Notions London. Wow, what amazing things it has done in one year!!

Being part of the process of preparing for the Sweet Notions event today while just less than 24 hours ago I was given, once again, the opportunity to experience the amazing effects it is having has enabled me to get a clear view of the cyclical nature of the Sweet Notions project itself. Like every Thursday, I spent yesterday at the Marylebone Project helping to facilitate the Design Camps that the money from Sweet Notions helps to fund. I will say with the utmost sincerity that every penny that comes out of Sweet Notions is producing blessings in the lives of the women at the Marylebone Project which exceed that penny’s value ten-fold. An analogy that comes to mind is Jesus feeding the 5,000 with 2 fish and five loaves of bread.   One of the coolest things about it is the way by which Sweet Notions and the Design Camps have affected women in such diverse ways. For example, for some of them, repurposing and creating new jewelry has truly become a skill and a craft that is going to enable them to be employed and earn an income, while giving them an actual vocation that they can be proud of and enjoy. For others, having a means by which to exercise their creative side gives them confidence and a reprieve from the less relaxing and pleasant thoughts that pervade our day – to – day lives. In addition, whether you are creative or not, or cannot craft pieces of jewelry to save your life (people such as myself) taking 2 hours out of the afternoon to engage with other people in a quiet, peaceful, and positive environment lifts the soul for a period of time and encourages all of those involved to believe that there is still some good in this broken world.

Yesterday and last week women were showing up to the Design Camp 30 minutes early because they were so eager and excited to come and participate. One of the women who comes regularly now has a job at a hospital in London and told us yesterday that she has rearranged her work schedule so that she will have every Thursday off in order to attend the Design Camps.  Happy Birthday Sweet Notions!!




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