Meeting Marylebone

I go to the Marylebone Project every Thursday and get to work with Polly; she is the woman in charge of organizing and facilitating the Design Camps that are held by Sweet Notions at the project. She is a lovely woman – a ‘star’ as some have said:) and I feel so lucky to get to work with her!! She has such a gentle spirit and a special way of putting those around her at ease. Go Polly.

The first week Polly and I spent at Marylebone together we didn’t hold an official ‘jewelry workshop’ but used the time to organize and sort the Sweet Notions cabinet filled with all of the jewelry used for the workshops. It was a lot to dig through and untangle but we had LOTS of help from a couple of women who did exceedingly well in the workshops last term and graciously volunteered a little extra time to help out with Sweet Notions! Polly and I could not have finished our day’s work without the help of Adele, Medina, and Lawrence. The three of them have been especially involved with the workshops and have a real knack for the art of jewelry making. Spending the day with all four of these women was a joy, as was it really great getting to know some of the women who had already participated in the design camps before the camps actually began. The next week when we had our first official jewelry workshop I was nervous and so glad to see some familiar and warm faces!!  I have been blown away already by the positive attitudes, friendliness, and enthusiasm of Lawrence, Medina, and Adele.

Our first day to deliver the jewelry workshops this term was last Thursday and it went very smoothly!! Lawrence, Adele and Medina were chosen to help Polly lead the lesson, as well as help some of the women who were new or not as skilled. They were once again a huge help to everyone else and to me – it was my first go-round at jewelry making as well, and let’s just say it was very clear that I was a beginner! In addition to all of the jewelry crafting, the time we got to share talking to and getting to know the people sitting around us was a real blessing. Excitement filled the room as it was very clear everyone was so glad to have Sweet Notions back! We had tea and snacks, and chatted and sang Happy Birthday to Mona, one of the women who came to the workshops regularly last term – such a fun time. Based on my experience so far, the environment that is created by the joint efforts of Sweet Notions and The Marylebone Project is so positive and warm that it transforms the time spent there from merely a jewelry crafting class to a genuine experience of community and love; a community within which Christ’s presence is glaringly evident.

“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20


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