Prime Tourist Time

Just for a little entertainment, although I’m not sure how entertaining it will be to you, I thought I would give a short update on some of my adventures as a tourist!

I got seriously lost for the first time last week trying to get the bus from an area called Angel where my friend from Texas lives, to another area where I was to meet Shannon and Cathers for dinner. In my book, the bus system in London is far more complicated than any other form of public transportation. Regardless of the opinion of others, it has proven to be difficult for me to figure out!! I wound up on the right bus going in the wrong direction – in my defense it had been a long day and I wasn’t thinking too clearly. The whole ordeal lasted about two hours but I finally arrived at my correct destination. Evidence of the sense of humor of God, earlier that same day I was bragging to Shannon about how I had mastered the London bus system…….serves me right.

On a more positive note, last Saturday Cathers took me to Greenwich where I visited the Royal Observatory and stood with one foot on each side of the Prime Meridian!! It was pouring down rain most of the day, but Greenwich was beautiful and I can now say I’ve stood on the Prime Meridian – pretty cool, huh?


After the Royal Observatory we went to the Greenwich Market and had ‘proper’ afternoon tea followed by some delicious Paella – so culturally diverse of us. For our homebound transportation we chose to take a ferry on the Thames (we tried to take a ferry on our journey TO Greenwich but the system was delayed due to a rowing race). The ferry ride on ‘The River Thames’ might have been one of my favorite things I’ve done in London so far!!  It was sunset so that made the whole experience all the more picturesque. Even more thrilling, our route took us right under the Tower Bridge enabling me to snap this frame-worthy photo!!












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