‘Sweet’ Happenings in the world of Matryoshka Haus

Hello I’m back again!! I apologize for my blogging absence (I know it has been killing you all). It has been busy busy around here!!!

My first official work week was kicked off by joining Shannon at a funky coffee shop for a meeting with the two men organizing and facilitating a weekend gathering for the Matryoshka Haus initiative entitled The Transformational Index. I suggest exploring the link – finding out more about the ‘TI’ is certainly something of which is worth your time! The gathering for the ‘TI’ is being held at a retreat venue in the beautiful English countryside and I am very much looking forward to it! I’ve been given the task of organizing transportation for all of the guests who are coming to the gathering – 24 people to date! This task has involved loads of emailing and coordinating – especially the last couple of days with the event growing nearer – but it is all coming together quite smoothly.

One of the first things I did that produced very exciting results was contact the University of Texas Panhellenic organization as well as Kendra Scott Jewelry about carrying out collections for Sweet Notions. UT panhellenic responded very enthusiastically and are very willing to get involved, and some pieces from Kendra Scott in Austin, TX are about to be making their way across the pond!! Conversations about holding collections for Sweet Notions have continued into this week with more people in the states as well as the UK, so I will keep you all posted!  Also in the realm of Sweet Notions, I was lucky enough to help seal the deal at a fantastic venue called Drink Shop & Do at which we will hold our September 30th Sweet Notions ‘Pop Up Shop’ event!! Even more great news – we have a confirmed venue for an October 7th ‘Pop Up Shop’ event and another one in the works for an event at the end of October.

It’s encouraging to sit here and write in reflection about the things that were only just beginning 2 weeks ago that have either been successfully completed at this point , or are on their way now!

Saweet happenings with Sweet Notions and Matryoshka Haus!!

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