A Transformational Weekend, Act II

In light of the case that 17 hours is too much time passed for you to remember my profound and eloquent blog musings, I am reminding you that I have divided my posts focused on the ‘Transformational Index Weekend’ into two ‘Acts’ so as to capture the weekend in its fullest form and in an attempt to avoid, ‘discounting any of the major facets of the weekend that helped to make it the awesome thing that it was…’

I have explained this previously but it’s worth noting again that it was the people who attended the ‘TI weekend’ who made it such a positive and interesting experience. Coming from a plethora of vocations including social entrepreneurs, web designers, consultants, and professional researchers, not only were these people among the brightest and thoughtful I’ve ever met, they were completely devoted to, and enthusiastic about, the task of ‘workshopping’ the TI without knowing much of anything about it initially. Each person had their own unique perspective and contribution, yet each was aimed at, and invaluable to, the collective goal of improving the TI – an effect that does not happen without diverse ideas and thought processes. After the first morning session that was  held to begin examining, understanding and improving the TI, it was clear that the people who had devoted their weekend to this cause were movers, shakers, and doers – the people who do not wait for good ideas to be created and executed, but take the time and effort to do it themselves in innovative ways. The seriousness with which everyone took the task for the weekend enabled the kind of thinking termed ‘outside of the box’ and set a vigorous and focused tone. Thanks to Andy and Shannon’s relinquishment of power over the TI tool, there were questions raised that seriously challenged some important aspects of the tool and how it works; there is no opportunity for improvement when dissent or disruption is discouraged. The TI weekend was absolutely an example of how this is true but by showing the reverse effect.

Over the course of the weekend I was reminded of what serious danger lies in being lazy with one’s thoughts. That is, spending time pondering over matters that only relate to, or effect, oneself. The guests at the TI weekend tirelessly rattled their brains with questions about the TI, including but not limited to what it actually is, why it has been created, how it works, who it works for, and how it can be improved with the ever-looming possibility that it will not amount to anything for anyone’s gain. But, rather than focusing on that possibility (a focus which would have rendered the entire project impossible) the guests thought and thought and thought for the sake of thinking in itself and the power and knowledge that is generated by thinking about things wrought with complexity, depth, discouragement, newness, unconventionality, inspiration and innovation; channeling the thinking power so graciously bestowed upon us by our maker in heaven into projects such as the TI in order to have a broad, significant, just, and down-right good impact on this world and God’s people whom He loves.



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