The Gathering

Once again, today is yet another busy Friday!! We are happy to welcome Greg Richards to London for the weekend and are most grateful for the help he will provide Matryoshka Haus with the preparation and execution of a presentation we will be giving tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm – prayers for that are much appreciated!! The presentation will be for a group of family foundations entitled ‘The Gathering’. The goal is to educate these people on how God is working in the context of Matryoshka Haus in a simple and passionate way while glorifying Him in the process. We are aiming to make the presentation interactive and experiential by using portions of the Transformational Index tool while at the same time demonstrating the kind of humble hospitality that characterizes MH. It will take place at an extremely cutting edge and lovely ‘live-work space’ – a space that has been very generously provided for the afternoon by a dear friend of Matryoshka Haus.

Now, because of the fortunate role I play that enables me to be simultaneously on the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of MH, I’m going to brag on MH a little bit. ‘The Gathering’ only chooses 6 groups out of thousands of which they consider learning more about is worth their time. Matryoshka Haus, because of the amazing strides it has already taken through its various projects has been chosen as one of those groups – a group that they believe could have the potential to continue to do more, and a group that they believe could be a viable investment. The fact that MH has been given the opportunity to present to ‘The Gathering’ is evidence, I believe, that whatever MH is doing has been significant enough to catch the attention of a group of people from another country who – given the fact that they chose to come learn more – seemingly consider it to be different from the thousands upon thousands of other groups trying to accomplish similar goals. What an encouragement that should be to Matryoshka Haus to continue to push onward with the tenacity that characterizes it as an organization as well as a group of people, in its efforts to bring ‘the Kingdom of God to Earth, as it is in Heaven.’ Regardless of the outcome of the presentation to ‘The Gathering’ we know that it is something within which God is at work and it is one more blessed opportunity for Matryoshka Haus to share with others how, ‘God is working in its context.’

On a quick side note to wrap things up; as we welcome Greg to the UK this morning, I’m reminded of our guest that we sent back to the states just 48 hours ago. Many thanks to MATT MLLER – the man who made this blog possible – and was here in London living life with Matryoshka Haus and its community for about three weeks, in addition to helping out tremendously in a variety of different ways! Gracias, Matt.

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