Prayers for a proposal

Since Christmas, the working group has been meeting in a cafe in the heart of the City of London, discussing and devising a proposal to the Church of England for the building that could be Matroyshka Haus’ home.

Hours have been spent writing drafts, concocting spreadsheets and sending emails – this weekend will see the final proof-reading of the document, ready to be sent to the Diocese of London on Monday morning. Please pray for energy, wisdom and agreement amongst the volunteers working on this! We would really like the document to be the best reflection of who we are, why we feel this building could be our home and why the Church of England should support us.

Please also pray for what happens next:

  • For wisdom and understanding on the part of those who will receive the proposal and pass it on to others.
  • For a favourable response to its contents.
  • For a speedy response and an opportunity to meet with the key individuals in the very near future.
  • For the funds we need to make this project possible.
It’s at times like this when our community ties are most evident. Even though we’re not all in the same country, we’re still working hard on this together – today there have been phone calls from Alaska and emails from Boston, as well as communication between those in London. It feels as though this journey towards a home is bringing the community closer together…