Celebrating a Matryoshka Haus Easter at Chateau Duffy

When the return trip to Chateau Duffy was planned, it was a joyous realisation that we’d be away over Easter. While working on a building site might not seem the most appropriate way in which to mark Holy Week, Sunday was kept special. The most recent arrivals (i.e. the professional builders) got to visit the site, while an Easter feast was prepared thanks to the skills of Richard our chef. [Yes, that’s the same Richard who cooked at Thanksgiving – we’re hoping to take him everywhere with us!]

On a brilliantly sunny evening, we sat down to eat French lamb together. For the first time the entire team of 14 was sat around the table eating together. The resurrection didn’t go uncelebrated – before we gave thanks for our food, the story of Jesus’ appearance on the road to Emmaus was remembered, highlighting the parallels of our own journeying to this place, Jesus’ presence with us, and the importance of sharing food with our loved ones.

The Easter fun didn’t end there. Lindsey had arrived from London the day before with all the ingredients needed for an egg hunt and had spent the entire afternoon composing clues and hiding eggs all over the gite. Turns out that no one is ever too old for an Easter egg hunt! Or perhaps the appeal of chocolate never wanes? There was much eggcitement when it was revealed that more eggs had been hidden than the clues suggested – in fact, there are probably still tiny Lindt eggs in the gite that haven’t been discovered yet.

Sitting around on a sun-drenched patio, eating chocolate and drinking wine with old and new friends seemed to be a perfect example of how life in the Matryoshka Haus community should be lived…

– Liz

[Photos to follow when we have better internet!]

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