Showing off London

No introduction to London could be complete without the obligatory viewing of the sights – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, the London Eye… Personally, I don’t think your mind believes you’re in London until you’ve seen them!


This morning I had the pleasure of showing Carl & Regina my favourite city. My usual habit of avoiding tourist spots was pushed aside and we hit all of the above in little over an hour. Londoners take the beauty and history of this city for granted, so it’s always great to view it with fresh eyes and remember again just how lucky we are to live here!



From the South Bank we made our way to Wapping to visit the building the community is hoping to acquire. The excitement at crossing Tower Bridge and discovering the Tower of London was palpable and didn’t dwindle as we made our way towards Wellclose Square. British inculturation was completed by a trip to Waitrose to pick up groceries for a community meal tonight.
It’s fascinating watching people get to grips with this city and it’s so lovely getting to know them too!
– Liz Clutterbuck

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