The return to Chataeu Duffy…

One of the events that helped shaped Matryoshka Haus’ community in 2011 was a trip to France in the summer to work on a 400 year old building owned by Chris Duffy. [By the end of the week it had earned the name of ‘Chateau Duffy’, but it’s by no means a castle!] A group from London was infiltrated by some Texans – including Carl, who obviously liked what he saw, as he’s now in London – and we spent over a week working to restore the building to something approaching habitable.

We didn’t actually get very far. Many, many tiles were removed from the roof and a lot of new skills were acquired. (I’m now a 30 year old woman with a passion for scaffolding, who’d have thought?) But most importantly, many long-lasting friendships were forged.

As we approach Easter, we’re also approaching a return to Chateau Duffy. On Wednesday an advance party will travel to Paris and then on to the tiny village of St Denis de Murs on Thursday. More will join us on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, and by Easter Sunday we’ll all be together. We’ll celebrate Easter away from our home churches, but as a community – it should be a very special time.

More Americans will join us – from Texas and Alaska this time – and hopefully more friendships will be established. In August we’re hoping to go again – so if you’re interested in working hard (and playing hard in the evening), then let us know! In the mean time, we wish you a happy Easter.

– Liz Clutterbuck

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