Beer for Belts

For weeks, Cathers has been asking anyone and everyone if they had belts knocking around that they no longer needed. It might sound like an odd request, but it was part of Sweet Notions’ vision of repurposing unwanted accessories. Jason Fletcher – a furniture designer – had designed a chair using unwanted belts, because Sweet Notions gets given a lot of them, but they needed enough belts to make a proto-type. (You can read more about this on the Sweet Notions’ blog.) After much thought and not enough belts being forthcoming, an idea was born…an evening of ‘beer for belts’.

The premise was simple. We needed belts – lots of them. Men have belts – lots of them. (So do women.) What do men like? Beer. (So do women.) Thanks to generous donations from two breweries, we had a great set of raffle prizes – for every belt donated, a raffle ticket was given.

Usually, I have to trek from King’s Cross to the East End to participate in Matryoshka Haus events, but this time I was literally round the corner. We gathered in the Queen’s Head where friends and strangers alike gathered to give belts, drink beer and hopefully win beer. It’s not often that you have a legitimate reason to ask a total stranger to take off the belt they’re currently wearing!

The winner of a keg of East London brewery ale seemed delighted with the acquisition of 72 pints of beer – but there were several disappointed faces. It’s a good job there’s plans afoot for future Beer for Belts evenings over the summer…

A word of warning: this project can affect you in strange ways. Last week I found myself picking up a discarded belt from the pavement outside my house…clearly I’ll stop at nothing for another chance at some free beer!

Some beer, and some belts

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