Thursdays – Matryoshka Haus style

From the set menu, can we have: two Thai green curries with steamed rice and spring rolls, and two Thai green curries with chicken satay?

Marie’s cafe looks like a run of the mill greasy spoon cafe on Lower Marsh in Waterloo, but it’s actually an oasis of fabulous (and cheap) Thai food and a Thursday night haven for the women of Matryoshka Haus. (Occasionally we allow a man to join us, but it’s rare.)

Over steaming curry we share news, issues, banter and at least one bottle of wine. Important life decisions have been made there – last summer it was where I talked through a job offer and where people were persuaded to make the first trip to Chateau Duffy. One of last week’s important questions was: “Does the Vatican tweet in Latin?” Regardless of whether the conversation is deep and meaningful, or utterly banal, there are always smiles as long as there’s good food and wine.

Thursday night’s are incomplete without a trip further down Lower Marsh to the Scooter CaffĂ©, home of possibly the best hot chocolate in London – it’s so thick you can stand a spoon in it. Perfect girly comfort food (well, drink) on a chilly summer’s evening…

The arrival of the hot chocolates is so eagerly awaited that waiting for a photo is unthinkable - hence the empty cup.