Matryoshka Haus goes to Boston

Hi!  My name is Regina Gordon and my family and I are looking to join the Matryoshka Haus family in London sometime later this year.  We are excited about working with MH and the numerous projects that are going on now and in the future.  If you are interested in learning more about our journey, please follow us at

Carl & Regina visiting London this time last year. 

Recently, Shannon, Cathers, and I had the opportunity to go to Boston to participate in a SOCAP SOUL Conference held at the MIT campus.  There is no better way to learn about the world of social enterprise than to jump into a conference about it!  We had a stimulating day of presentations, panels, and discussions that focused on the intersection of money and meaning.  What a joy it was to be amongst others who have a similar heart and mission of Matryoshka Haus!  Of course, Shannon and Cathers took advantage of every opportunity to network with others and the Transformational Index quickly became a hot topic in those discussions!  We are excited that this trip to Boston and attending this conference resulted in several exciting contacts for MH and the TI.

Of course, last weekend was not all work and no play!  Shannon, Cathers, and I enjoyed taking in a few of the sites in and around Boston.  It was an interesting place for two Americans and a Brit to visit together… and the conversations were interesting as we tried to explain the Boston Tea Party to Cathers.  We enjoyed seeing Downtown Boston and the Harbor, visiting Salem, and taking a drive out to Gloucester, MA for Cathers to compare with Gloucester, England.  She seemed delighted with the quaint seaside town and we all vowed to return when it is warmer!

Cathers finds a taste of home in Boston.