Introducing Lauren!

Every so often, the London Matryoshka Haus community has the opportunity of sharing life with someone who has offered to work with us for a short period of time. Lauren Turner is our latest intern and will be in London for the month of June, playing a key role in our forthcoming Learning Lab with Bent Tree Church later this month.

While she’s with us, Lauren will be sharing some of her experiences on this blog, so it seemed only fair to introduce her first…

So Lauren, where in the world are you from?
I’m from the fine city of Austin, Texas but currently attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Why have you decided to come to London and what do you hope to do while you’re here?
I decided to come to London for a lovely collision of reasons! Shannon Hopkins has been a close friend to our family for a long time, and I continued to hear about her adventures and work in London and always felt drawn to it. Also, for a while I have felt the Lord place a love for the UK in my heart (everything about it, even including Doctor Who!) as I have found a need in myself to focus on spiritual poverty versus physical poverty, the latter of which I have spent many past summers working with. All of this seemed to kind of do a little dance altogether and the Lord provided a way for me to come and serve the MH community. I hope to do just that, as well as track down Benedict Cumberbatch in an entirely non-creepy way! 🙂

What are you most looking forward to about your month with us? 
I am most looking forward to getting to learn about community from all of you lovely, varied folks. I want to see how God changes hearts through His people sharpening one another, ideas being born of conversations and “oh really? me too!”s. I want to be a servant to MH as well and bless the work that is being done in the ways God uniquely appoints for each day, one at a time.

How can we be praying for you?
Thank you kindly for asking! Well, I have a terrible tendency to get quite lost… And this city is certainly an opportunity for that sort of thing! As silly as it may seem, prayers for a sense of direction would be wonderful. I would also love prayer for a teachable spirit, a heart completely open to the Lord and to you all… I know He brought me here to reveal new things and I pray that I won’t get in the way of those!

So look out for posts from Lauren over the next few weeks and do keep her in your prayers as she experiences the wonders of our city and community!

Lauren on Wapping Beach

Lauren experiences the London sun on Wapping beach.

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