A Little Love from Leceister

Last week the Transformational Index team ventured to Leceister, a city just an hour and a half away (as the train tugs). I was thrilled to accompany them to be a runner/photographer/eager observer as Shannon, Andy, Becca, and Jim facilitated some intriguing and inspiring conversations about what “good” looks like. I think I speak for us all when I say it was a productive two days spent with the Leceister Diocese working on impact measurement in their prospective churches and projects! While our camera is currently sick and at the doctor’s, soon we will post a few photos from the week, so you can see them in action!

A highlight of the experience for me was seeing the TI being used four different times, with completely different personalities facilitating, and see that the same kind of conversations and processes were occurring! I think the TI is truly a tool in this way, and all the more useful for a wide variety of future clients and beneficiaries (shameless plug!). I’m quite excited to see it in action again tomorrow, when some of us use it to evaluate the Learning Lab!

While I suffer to leave you on a sad note, I’m afraid I must inform you that this will be probably the last or second-to-last time that you hear from me on this lovely blog… (Some of you may be thinking, “Yes! No more poetry!” ;)) As I am Texas-bound in just two short days! It has gone all too quickly, and I have cherished every second with these rockstar people in this rockstar city. Perhaps I’ll continue my sappy goodbyes (correction: see-you-laters :)) later, but for now, I must tend to some packing!

Cheers, mates!