Good Brunches

GOOD-BRUNCH-INVITE-02Matryoshka Haus is a community built around our projects: around designing creative solutions for social change. The community in London has grown through involvement in Sweet Notions, The Truth Isn’t Sexy and the Transformational Index, and we are now ready to journey towards our next project.

To do that we have started something we’re calling Good Brunches: food and discussions social deprivation, finance, politics, hope, hopelessness and a whole lot more!

Over the next few months we will be gathering together periodically to talk, muse & reflect in the hope that a common compassion will coalesce around a particular issue – and then the next Matryoshka Haus project will be born!

To follow the adventure you can view the Good Brunches tumbler page, or the hashtag #goodbrunches

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