Mi Matryoshka Haus es nos casa.

Wayne and his wife Chris travelled from San Francisco to join us at Chateau Duffy. As he reflects, Wayne coins a new term for members of the community – the ‘Haus-keteers’!

It’s hard to believe it’s still not even a year that we’ve known of the Matryoshka Haus community. When we first met Shannon and the team, we were immediately excited with their vision, passion, and impact! Since then, the Vocari community in San Francisco has invited them back for a visit, used the Transformational Index, recommended them to several other non-profit and for-profit organizations, and arranged four speaking events in the Bay Area.

Now my wife and I have taken the next step…
Last month we left our home to join with the Haus-keteers to work on a house – a 400-year old farmhouse out in French countryside! Not knowing more than a few people, we did not know exactly what we were getting involved with! But we were encouraged and excited to be swinging a hammer and pick along with two dozen people who were tirelessly giving their all to reclaim this little patch of countryside.

To me, it was an inspiration about what is possible when we pursue a great vision (BHAG) with a spirit of generosity, creativity, and brie. (;-)

Coming from that experience, we are excited about our son Cameron working as an intern this summer with Matryoshka Haus!

Wayne sleepsIt was very rare to find Wayne NOT hard at work on-site…

Wayne sleeps 2

…well, generally! 

[In all seriousness, both Wayne and Chris were hugely valuable members of the team! Wayne displayed a skill with the pick axe that few could emulate and Chris’ French skills were perpetually useful – especially when negotiating the return of surplus wood.] 

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