Cameron joined us from California at the beginning of July and will be interning with Matryoshka Haus over the summer. Before he begins contributing to the blog, we thought we should get to know him a bit…

Why did you decide to come & intern with MH?

My initial introduction to MH was through seeing a TI delivered. [We met Cameron and his family in California last September] I was immediately enticed by the language of transformation and intentionality. When it came time to decide what I was going to do with my summer, I thought about the normal route of getting an internship and getting great experiences to add to my resume, but felt that that would be missing an opportunity to create value with my summer.

What are you hoping to do while you’re here?

First and foremost I am excited to just be a part of all the action that happens around MH. Beyond that my goal this summer is to get to contribute in a meaningful way to the progress of MH’s projects and goals. In addition, I am looking forward to enjoying the culture, history and various other experiences that are truly unique to London.

What are you most excited about being in London?

I have two big things that I am looking forward to. First, I am excited to experience the uniquely organic and always enthralling world of the MH community. Second, is the music scene in London. London is home to many genres I love, so I am excited to attend some (hopefully free) concerts.


Cameron experiences some Matryoshka Haus community hospitality.

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