Making a house a home

Now that we have a building, we need to set about making it a home for all that we’re planning to do there. This requires resources – and this is where we would really appreciate your help. Partnering with Start Some Good, we’ve launched a crowd-funder to help us raise what’s needed to furnish and equip St Dunstan’s Wharf for our purposes.

The big problem is that the space isn’t set up for our needs. We need to fit it out with desks, furniture and storage that will enable us to work together and dream big.

This building isn’t just about the people within Matryoshka Haus, it’s about all the people with whom we have built relationships – and all those we’ve yet to meet! Having the space will enable us to do more – from more Learning Labs, to more creative thinking with new people, to a sharing of ideas and resources that will happen simply by working in the same space.

While we’ve been without a place to work together, the stream of ideas, new projects and new people coming on board has slowed. We feel like time is slipping through our fingers.

With our new space set up we know that out of it will come so many more ideas and people who will change the world. The space will be a hub for innovation, where more projects like The Truth Isn’t Sexy, Sweet Notions and The Transformational Index will be created.

Please pledge if you feel able to. As an incentive for supporting us, we’ve lined up a number of rewards that share something of our community. They include classic American and British recipes; the opportunity to share a delicious meal with others; a tour of London; a preview of Shannon’s new book; a limited edition art print; and the chance to stay in the building yourself. All of these will give you a taste of what life with Matryoshka Haus is like!

St Dunstans