Matryoshka Haus meets Apple

September 10th was a big day for Apple. Forget the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C, much more important was the arrival – several hours after the launch had ended – of three Matryoshka Haus representatives at Infinite Loop 3.

Infinite Loop, Apple HQ

On her trip to San Francisco back in May, Shannon had met Dr Ernie Prabhakar – a member of Apple’s ‘Evangelism’ team. (Not evangelism in the Christian sense, more in the Apple marketing sense.) Our meeting was an opportunity to reconnect; to share more about the TI; and to hear some of Ernie’s many thoughts on the interaction between business and faith. It turned out to be a fascinating conversation that could have lasted a lot longer!

We arrived just as Apple’s ‘cookie happy hour’ was beginning (we decided all employers should instigate such an afternoon feature) and our discussion took place over cookies in the tranquil gardens that all the Infinite Loop buildings surround. If this blogpost chronicled every bit of wisdom that Ernie came out with, it would be an essay, but here are some quotes:

“Heretics are the church’s innovators.” And we need to be inspired by the history of theologians, rather than imitate it.

“The scarcest commodity in modern society (in Silicon Valley) is moral authority. In organisations, the biggest commodity is trust.” 

“Imitation without Iteration is Mockery. Iteration without Improvement is Ritual. Improvement without Metrics is Luck.”

All three of us left with plenty of food for thought and feeling encouraged that someone working in such a massive global company had seen and appreciated the value in what we’re involved with.

Cathers' Apple name badge

You can read more of Ernie’s thoughts on theology and mission on his blog.