Good Brunch at Farm Shop!

This Sunday was the last of the spring Good Brunches. For those reading who may not know, the “Good Brunches” is a project where MH hosts a series of community brunches to discuss existing and emerging social issues, for the purpose of deciding what our next big social project is going to be on. This particular Good Brunch was again hosted at Farm Shop, where Rachel, Rich, Sarah, Susan, Cihan, and I gathered to examine the brainstorming process of generating potential projects & solutions. While we did not discuss any specific real issues, Rachel organized “joke” projects in order to get our groups thinking more creatively; “start a fashion trend to bring back top-hats in London”, “Get a law passed that require everyone to break for afternoon tea & cakes”, etc.


After generating many ideas to achieve these goals, Rachel the introduced another random factor we had to include in our solutions; Elephants, children playing games, etc. Personally, I was all for the direct approach – threaten to release a herd of Elephants in the city unless parliament passed our law for tea & cakes. Though we had many different ideas, some practical (like mine) and some not-so-practical, I do feel this “Good Brunch” effectively illustrated the depth of brainstorming and decision making that goes into designing the types of projects we  do at Matryoshka Haus; that is, creatively finding a critical point of systemic impact in society. Even with a completely ridiculous cause, the group was still able to generate some great ideas that really cut to the heart of what we want to achieve. This made me think about how Matryoshka Haus is always attracting & uniting very different groups of people for a common cause. I can’t wait to see what our next big project will bring!


Our next round of Good Brunches will take place after the Chateau Duffy trip, starting the beginning of May. Everyone is invited to attend, and I believe we’ll be sending more information out soon!

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